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Why The Shesss Me Box, You Ask?

Why The Shesss Me Box, you ask?

You have this girl in your life that you know is destined to be a world changer. Would you hold her back due to your own fears of not maybe accomplishing something you wanted to accomplish in your life. Speaking to the mom, dad, grandparent? Help release that inner dedicated person within yourself and pour into your special’s girls life.

Every girl needs a Shesss Me Box!

The Shesss Me Box is for girls ages 5-17.

Why not ages 1-4 or 18???

The reasons you should buy a Shesss Me Box:

  • Girls between ages 5-14 are the most impressionable.
  • Each box comes with an item that will cover them head to toe.
  • Let’s encourage our girls to begin building their “resumes” now, and not when they are 30. Time is of the essence.
  • Girls like getting mail.

The Shesss Me Box Inspiration. Behind the Stage of the Shesss Me Box  are sisters, friends that are products and recipients of The Shesss Me Box is different every month. Each girl’s magazine is different every month. Girls turn into women and at The Brown Girl Box we want our girls to become the best women that they will become. Girls are powerful and we want our girls to realize how powerful they truly are and can be.

Dreams are opportunities that are waiting to be full filled!
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