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How does the Starter boxes work?

  • The boxes are offered as a One-Time. No-Reoccurring billing involved
  • There are 7 different boxes that deal with a specific concern in the girls’ life
  • Orders are made
  • These boxes are separate from the Quarterly SM Subscription service

 How much are the Starter Boxes?

  • $39.99+ FREE shipping
  • Each box comes with a shirt, magazine and 6-7 additional items

 How does the Shesss Me Inc Subscription work?

  • The subscription is $25+ FREE shipping
  • Each season (Quarter) your girl will receive a box
  • There are 4 boxes a year
  • Each box comes with a shirt, a magazine, and 4-5 additional items

 When will be billed for the Subscription Service?

  • Your credit card will be billed on the 23rd of the last month of the quarter. March, June, September and December

 When can I expect my subscription box? If you order between:

  • November 16th - February 15th will receive the Winter Season Box
  • February 16th - May 15th will receive the Spring Box
  • May 16th - August 15th will receive the Summer Box
  • August 16th - November 15th will receive the Fall Box

 What is your cancellation policy?

  • Your subscription can be canceled at anytime via your Shesss Me account settings If you’ve already been billed for the next box (23rd of the month) your cancellation will take effect the next billing cycle
  • To cancel your subscription, login to your account and click on the subscription tab, then click ‘edit’ next to your subscription. You can also email us at to request that we cancel for you

 Can I purchase the items in my box separately?

  • Yes! Go to and click on She’s Me Shop to view the selected items that can be purchased separately