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Making dreams come true since 2017! We are Shesss (She's) Me, a family-owned business with a mission to inspire and empower girls around the world. Our boxes are curated with the girls of today in mind. We strive to make sure each girl receives the founding tools she will need to be healthy, prosperous, influential, encouraged and powerful. We specialize in curating tool boxes that offer skills that last a lifetime!


My name is Candace Harris and together with my 5 daughters, (yes all 5 have come from this body, LOL),  Zamiya age 17, Sanai age 15, Kmari age 12, Caleigh age 6 and Londyn age 4. We started in 2017 with the name The DreamBox. The word "DreamBox" was trademarked so we decided to change it to The BrownGirl Box. We decided to change The BrownGirl name because we didn’t want the company to influence only one ethnicity and that’s where Shesss (She’s) Me was born.


Why the 3 S’s in the name, you ask? The S’s stand for (S)he believed, (S)he could, so (S)he did (Kmari’s idea)! And there you have Shesss Me.

"Unboxing the Possibilities for Girls Everywhere!"  It's in her! She Is Me. She Is Her!

Let’s Work Together

3399 Peachtree Road

Suite 400

Atlanta, GA 30326

Tel: 470-615-3127

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